ARIES to TAURUS Cusp NEW MOON 2015 – Let Newness Settle, and Listen to the Inner Voice.

18 Apr

Today April 18 at 11:57 am PDT:
ARIES to TAURUS Cusp (28º25′ AR) NEW MOON 2015 –

Let Newness Settle, and Listen to the Inner Voice.

Check out the New Moon chart for Victoria, with the ‘Creativity Point’ on the Cancer / Leo Cusp Rising (ruled by Moon / Sun – pointing right to the New Moon).
Grand Earth Trine is well needed….

AR NM 2015

That’s been a lot of activation (if not agitation), through an intensely wired and fired ARIES month 2015 which started with the Spring Equinox and DAY of the Total Solar Eclipse, March 20! It has catalysed much liberating renewal for the ARIES ‘parade’ of Sun, Moon, Mercury, and earlier also Venus and Mars, as all linked up sooner or later with Uranus in ARIES.
If you have any ARIES placement in your chart you couldn’t have missed it!

No wonder we need and thankfully will receive more grounding EARTH energy now, after so much Fire:
The SUN (on Monday April 20) and MOON (today at 2:31 pm PDT, 2 1/2 hrs after the New Moon) are moving into (Mercury and Mars are already IN) the settling quality of TAURUS.
PLUTO is now retrograde in CAPRICORN, to integrate the un-structuring changes on deep levels, for new yet ancient, timeless ways of life.
And LILITH in Virgo reminds us to be in our true Nature and Integrity that takes care of wellness and wholeness.

This NEW MOON in clearly an ARIES ‘ending’ (wait a minute: there is no such thing in nature, just integration, transformation, and transition) and bridging over into TAURUS.
A much more grounded and integrative energy is available this month. We are invited to s~l~o~w down and enjoy this precious embodiment on Planet Earth.

It is also EARTH DAY WEEK…. whoever invoked it must have some sense of Astrology, since April 22 is the 2nd day in Taurus, the 2nd sign of the Zodiac year.

Here is the Sabian Symbol for New Moon at 28º25′ AR:

29º ARIES:


Hubble Spiral Galaxy

Spiral Galaxy – Photo credit: NASA (Hubble Space Telescope)

Keynote: Attunement to cosmic order.

At the fourth stage of a five-fold sequence a technique is often presented. It is based on the experiences implied in the preceding symbols. In this case, what the individual who has entered into a new realm of possibilities of action should learn is the harmonic principles operating in this realm. The music of the spheres is the celestial embodiment of principles of polyphonic interplay. The individual advancing ‘on the Path’ should seek to understand and realize his place in the vast scheme of human evolution, in the immense chord of the harmony of the universe.

The message to the seeker for meaning which is implied in this symbol is to LISTEN TO THE INNER VOICE; to listen without personalizing this voice in a glamour producing manner. It is the Voice of the Whole, of which one begins to realize that one is a tiny little part – yet a significant part, for every note of the universal chord has its place and its ineradicable meaning.”


That expands the Libran Ecliptic Incentive into the BIG picture of Harmony.

Pluto retro in Capricorn speaks of the inner evolutionary Ascension to new dimensions of consciousness – which naturally transforms the status quo experience from the inside out.

And Saturn presently retro in early Sag in frine with the New Moon is also about listening to Inner Guidance and authority from within, on this Journey called Life.

A beautiful contribution to the purifying & unifying effect of chanting: The Gayatri mantra made visible – via Cymatics – chanted by Deva Premal.

Music of the Spheres… be inspired!


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