APRIL 3 – 9: CARDINAL CHARGE from Mercury, Sun, Uranus, Moon, and Pluto – BE in Dynamic Change & BE the StillPoint, in Balance and Relatedness

4 Apr

Well, yeah, the theme of the Total Lunar Eclipse wasn’t just happening last night and is now ‘over’.
The energy did culminate with the Full Moon.
But: As with any Eclipse ‘season’ its message has been building up and stretches out for integration over several months surrounding the exact dates.

Plus, to make the point, the universe adds more:
This Easter week, from April 3 until April 9 brings a series of multiple Cardinal Cross Activations – every DAY!

What are these astrological ‘Cardinal Corner Stones’ of Life?
3 of the 4 Cardinal Signs ARIES (Self), CANCER (Home), LIBRA (Balance / Partnership, Relatedness), CAPRICORN (Purpose) are presently strongly represented (see Full Moon / TLE chart):

LI - AR FM 2015  - TLE

PLUTO stationary (retro from Apr. 16 on) in mid CAP: BE the Change, just-in-time, and in empowered Timelessness!
Uranus, Sun, South Node, Mercury in AR: Renew and liberate, be the Paradigm Shifter!
The MOON and North Node in LI: Choose Peace & Balance, and Right Relationship!

And most importantly:
When you feel the dilemmas and conflicts, the charge and the cross roads, pull the four directions into your centre.
Stay connected to your vantage point in the ‘Hub’, the still point and empty void around which life seems to turn like a wheel. Ultimate freedom.

Celtic Cross Sky

In a Christian context:
The Cardinal T-square started to build up in the Holy Week, and wraps right around Easter Sunday on April 5.
Easter is traditionally on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon in Spring (the only Christian lunar based holiday), which will be right after tomorrow’s Total Lunar Eclipse!
There are hints in the Gospel that the crucifixion of Jesus would have happened under either a Solar Eclipse, or a ‘blood red’ Lunar Eclipse rose in the evening after Jesus’s death on the cross. Literally, or metaphorically?
See http://www.astronomytoday.com/eclipses/ancient-part3.html for your own research and resonance.

The Cardinal T-Square shows clearly that we are at cross roads, personally (esp. if you have planets in cardinal signs), and collectively.
Whichever your spiritual reference is, find the centre in the cross, the Cap stone, the Philosopher’s Stone, pure emptiness, the Buddha or Christ consciousness. Let Spirit resurrect you in the cross of matter.

Here is the line-up of Cardinal Charge (by Square or Opposition of planets, Sun and Moon in AR, LI, or CAP) this coming week:

April 3 (yesterday Fri):
Moon in LI opposite Mercury in AR
Need for Balance and Calmness while the Mind is super active (or agitated). Perfect time to meditate and be mindful.

April 4 (today Sat):
Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipse. Moon in LI squares Pluto in CAP, and opposes Uranus in AR
BE in Dynamic Change, and BE the Balance! Let old contracts and ’empires’ expire. Wake up, and make new empowered choices.
Create from the outcome, rather than from the challenge.

April 5 (tomorrow Easter Sunday):
Sun in AR squares stationary Pluto in CAP
Let Spirit and Consciousness resurrect you from what’s gotten very heavy and old, and what is ripe for transformation.

April 6 (Easter Monday):
Sun in AR conjunct Uranus
Freedom From… and FOR…!

April 7 (Tue):
Mercury in AR squares stationary Pluto in CAP
Let Mind be transformed.

April 8 (Wed):
Mercury in AR conjunct Uranus
Let Mind be FREE and innovative.

April 9 (Thu):
Mercury in AR conjunct the Sun (Superior Conjunction – half way in the Mercury direct mode):
In-spirited Mind!


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