FIERY Grand Trine – March Finale

29 Mar

To be a Sufi, forget the past, put it all away;
Turn a brand new page, rescue your being from yesterday;
Become a child of the present age, of youth, of wisdom,
Never leave this bountiful moment, this eternal day.
~ Rumi


Sheep Babies


FIERY Grand Trine today, reaching over to tomorrow, with
– Sun / South Node Uranus in ARIES
– Moon / Jupiter in LEO (their monthly union is tonight just after midnight – look UP towards west!)
– Saturn retro in SAG (rising just after midnight)

FIRE Trine March Finale

Spirit (Fire) ‘over’ Matter (Earth)?
Spirit activating, shakti-vating Matter?!
Get going when Spirit calls.
Release the Rebel without a cause, and WARrior, as needed.
REwild yourself and become innocent and fresh again.
Be playful, create, and have FUN.
Experimentation (- no expectation).
Follow Intuition and Inner Gui-Dance!
Saturn loves you too! 🙂


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