Happy Eclipse – O – to Equinox, a.k.a. EQUIPSE Day!

20 Mar

Happy Eclipse – O – to Equinox, a.k.a. EQUIPSE Day!

While the Moon already entered ARIES at 3:28 am PDT, an hour after eclipsing the Sun the Sun will enter ARIES = SPRING EQUINOX point at 3:45 pm PDT!

The END Shall Be the BEGINNING!

The Total Solar Eclipse at the very last degree of PI over the North Atlantic and Greenland The Total Solar Eclipse (traditionally interpreted as ‘Death of an old King’), together with Saturn now retrograde can get us ‘off the hook’ from experiencing our old hang-ups with authorities that seem to control mass consciousness (PI), and prevent us from ‘just being’ authentic and ‘ourselves’ (early AR).

* Could this have to do on a political level with allegiance to the NATO, and voices in European countries recently?

* Which other ‘old empires’, outer and inner, are about to ‘expire’?

Pure ARIES spirit wants us to be genuine, raw and ‘naked’, in the moment.

But we don’t need to be ‘selfish’ and aggressive in our ‘showing up’, or ‘doomed’ to be on our own, since ‘relationships are compromises’.
Being innocent and true to who we are is more like it.

Reminds me of the ‘Fool / Child’ card (0) in the Voyager Tarot deck, and the Osho quote:

“Happiness is when the burden has been dropped and the mirror is found again;
Your mirror can again reflect the trees and the sun and the sand and the sea and the stars.
When you have again become innocent, when you again have the eyes of a child – in that clarity you are happy.”

Osho, This Very Body the Buddha, Talk #1



* Where is the PI – AR ‘Birthing Point’ in your chart (houses / planets, Sun / Moon there)?
* How are you being initiated into fresh, new, awakened authenticity there?

Spring Equinox 2015!

It’s coming! Today March 20, 2015 at 3:45 pm PDT!


Spring Equinox (the day of equal daylight and night hours, from which day onward the days are getting longer than the nights, in the Northern hemisphere) is one of the sacred Corner Stones of the natural yearly cycle (with its two Equinoxes, and two Solstices).


Celtic Wheel of the Year: Ostara = Spring Equinox.

Easter (celebrated on the Sunday after the First Full Moon in Spring) was named after Ostara.


Happy Astrological New Year!

Happy Fall Equinox, dear friends in the Southern hemisphere!


Tomorrow March 21:

ARIES Spring Awakening – Freedom From…. and For…

Jacob Lambs

Jacob Lambs climb / jump line-up – photo by Melanie

All these siblings were born on Feb 21, 2015 – the 2nd day of the Year of the Green Wood Sheep – and with Moon / Venus / Mars in Aries in their charts 🙂


The New Moon in Aries will connect with Uranus on the first full day in Spring, March 21 at 4:14 am PDT – that’s the time I chose for the Spring Awakening chart:

AR Spring Awakening 2015

As you see in the chart, this also activates the square with Pluto in CAP.  Outgrow the loyalty to the old structure (that might hold you in check from within), and let the new YOU emerge.

And at 3:51 pm PDT the Aries Moon will reach Mars:
Be pro-active, an activator and activist! Green light to take authentic action steps.

March 21 will be a Super Aries day: Sun, New Moon, South Node, Uranus, and Mars.

Get going with something fresh and new – and as the emerged New SELF!


Wishing you a powerfully liberating and renewing early Spring 2015!

Free to BE!



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